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Membership of Japan Institute for National Fundamentals

We established the think tank “Japan Institute for National Fundamentals” (JINF) on December 18, 2007. We sincerely hope that you will agree to the Institute’s main concept, join us and apply for membership. Pertaining to the Membership application, please proceed from “Membership” button at the bottom of this page.

Membership types

There are three types of membership of Japan Institute for National Fundamentals.
You can apply for as many memberships as you wish.

1.Individual member annual fee 10,000yen
(for one membership)
2.Supporter member annual fee 100,000yen
(for one membership)
3.Special member annual fee 1,000,000yen
(for one membership)

Expiration/renewal of membership

Membership expires on March 31 every year. Renewal is encouraged.
Membership of those who join JINF in January, February and March will be valid until March 31 of the following year.

Membership privileges

Membership privileges

STEP1 Membership application

If you want to apply for membership, please click the button below.
* When applying from the web site, you are required to submit your e-mail address.

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