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Sep 14, 2017
【#467(Special)】U.N. Sanctions to Deprive Kim of Foreign Currencies
Tsutomu Nishioka On September 11, the United Nations Security Council adopted a new resolution on sanctions on North Korea only a week after Pyongyang conducted its sixth nuclear explosion test. The unusually quick adoption came only less than one month after the UNSC voted for the previous sanctions resolution on August 5. .... <Read more>
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Sep 12, 2017
【#466】News Media Distorting School Textbook Issue
Nobukatsu Fujioka On September 6, Japan’s public broadcasting corporation NHK took up the school textbook issue in its television program named “Closeup Gendai+.” The program reported that as Nada Junior High School, one of elite private schools in western Japan, adopted a textbook authored by some of classroom teachers and publi .... <Read more>

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【#465(Special)】N. Korean Nuclear Crisis Reaching Crucial Stage
Tsutomu Nishioka On September 3, North Korea conducted its sixth nuclear explosion test. On the previous day, I met with an informant with connections to the inside of North Korea in Seoul who said to me as follows:“Kim Jong Un instructed the Korean People’s Army in July or August to exert maximum pressure on the United

【#464】Budget Request Indicates Low Defense Consciousness
Fumio Ota Japan’s defense budget request for fiscal 2018 hit a record 5.25 trillion yen. However, the past trend in a Ministry of Defense budget request line graph shows that the request represents just a return to the fiscal 2002 budget level after a slow increase from fiscal 2013 following a 10-year consecutive fall from fiscal 2003 to