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Oct 16, 2019
【#627】A Day When Japan Could Become “Asian Kurds”
Hiroshi Yuasa Hadn’t the Kurds been a U.S. ally that would stand or fall together with U.S. forces in fighting against the cruel Islamic State terrorist group? The recent U.S. decision to withdraw its forces from Syria amounts to the betrayal of Kurds, indicating that the U.S. Trump administration could abandon any important ally .... <Read more>
Speaking Out
Oct 09, 2019
【#626(Special)】Korean Civilization’s Counterattack on Totalitarian Power
Tsutomu Nishioka On October 3 marking South Korea’s Gaecheonjeol National Foundation Day, 500,000 citizens rallied in Seoul calling for the resignation of President Moon Jae In and the arrest of Justice Minister Cho Kuk. In the largest rally in South Korean history, demonstrators carrying national flags of South Korea Taegukgi and .... <Read more>

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【#625(Special)】Mainstream U.S. Media Adding Fuel to “Cold Civil War”
Yoichi Shimada Popular U.S. talk radio host Rush Limbaugh has described the present U.S. political situation as a “cold civil war.” The description indicates that camps that support and oppose President Donald Trump are escalating their zero-sum game struggle with no constructive debate being made.

【#624】U.S. Real lntention: Let Japan Defend Itself
Fumio Ota On October 2, North Korea test-fired a “Pukguksong-3” submarine-launched ballistic missile from waters off Wonsan on its eastern coast. The SLBM was launched at a lofted orbit and dropped into Japan’s exclusive economic zone. The missile, if launched into a usual orbit, could fly over up to 2,500