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Nov 29, 2022
【#988】Defense Bonds are Stable Resources for Defense Buildup
Hideo Tamura The biggest focus of attention regarding the government’s formulation of a fiscal 2023 budget late this year is how to secure financial resources for Japan’s defense buildup. Priority should be given to a debate whether to issue defense government bonds as proposed by the late former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. The .... <Read more>
Speaking Out
Nov 24, 2022
【#987】Make No Easy Concession over Wartime Korean Workers in Japan
Tsutomu Nishioka On November 13, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida held his first official meeting with South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol in Phnom Penh. South Korean government officials said although the Japanese and South Korean leaders discussed no specifics about the issue of wartime Korean workers in Japan, the .... <Read more>

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【#986】Don’t Be Deceived by China’s Smiling Diplomacy
Takashi Arimoto In a photo session for the first Japan-China summit in three years that took place in Bangkok on November 17, Chinese President Xi Jinping kept smiling when shaking hands with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. In stark contrast, Xi looked grumpy in 2014 at his meeting with then Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo

【#985】U.S. May Toughen China Policy under House Republican Leadership
Yoichi Shimada The Republican Party won a majority in the U.S. House of Representatives through midterm elections earlier this month, meaning that Republicans will occupy the House speaker post and all House committee chairs to take leadership in the House from next January.