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Speaking Out
Jun 22, 2022
【#933】Refer to History When Developing International Economic Order
Masahiko Hosokawa The international economic order is now facing an age of division due to Western countries’ confrontation with China and Russia. Economic sanctions against Russia have brought about solidarity among the Group of Seven (G7) industrial democracies and deviations of emerging and developing countries from the West. .... <Read more>
Speaking Out
Jun 22, 2022
【#932】Supporting Maher Proposal
Fumio Ota Kevin Maher, a former director of the Office of Japanese Affairs at the U.S. Department of State, has proposed Japan to provide the Self-Defense Forces’ Type 12 surface-to-ship missile (SSM) to Ukraine under Russian aggression. I would like to support the proposal from military and international responsibility perspectives. .... <Read more>

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【#931】Japan Should Provide Ukraine with Surface-to-ship Missiles
Kevin Maher There are times in history in which extraordinary circumstances require exceptional measures. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has brought the world to one of those moments. Japan’s quick decisions in support of international economic and financial

【#930】Pax Americana Is Over
Tadae Takubo The online edition of Foreign Affairs on June 13 carried an article headlined “The Real End of Pax Americana.” Its author is Mark Leonard, director of the European Council on Foreign Relations. In response to Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, Germany has fundamentally reoriented its defense policy and begun to