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Oct 22, 2020
【#729】Dissolve SCJ to Normalize Japan’s Academia
Tsutomu Nishioka The raison d’etre of the Science Council of Japan has become a red-hot issue. A law to create the SCJ was enacted in 1948. Then, the General Headquarters of the Allied Forces viewed Japan as the enemy of world peace and aimed to transform Japan into a weak country that would never stand against the world. .... <Read more>
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Oct 19, 2020
【#728】India will shape the Quad’s direction
Brahma Chellaney The Australia-India-Japan-U.S. “Quad” is evolving in response to China’s muscular policies and aggressive actions. The four leading powers of the Indo-Pacific are moving toward formalizing the Quad to help strengthen the region’s weak multilateral security architecture, as the recent meeting of their top .... <Read more>

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【#727】India favours gradual evolution of the Quad
Arvind Gupta The 2nd ministerial meeting of the Quad group of countries hosted by Japan in Tokyo on 6th October 2020 was significant. The Foreign Ministers of India, Australia and the US Secretary of State flew specially to Tokyo for a face-to-face meeting, ignoring the covid crisis. Unlike the earlier meeting which was held in

【#726】Science Council of Japan Is Symbol of Postwar Regime
Takashi Arimoto What the Science Council of Japan should be has been put into question since Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga refused to appoint six of 105 recommended SCJ member candidates. We must acknowledge that the SCJ represents a symbol of the postwar regime designed to confine Japan and its systems into a framework for