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May 21, 2019
【#593】Tense Political Situation in South Korea
Tsutomu Nishioka South Korean government of President Moon Jae In has been criticized as a dictatorship. Two years have passed since Moon’s inauguration, meaning that he finished 40% of his five-year term with no reelection allowed under the current constitution. .... <Read more>
Speaking Out
May 15, 2019
【#592】Meaning of Abe’s Call for “Unconditional” Meeting with Kim
Yoichi Shimada Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has recently vowed to “unconditionally” meet with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, instead of reiterating his earlier rhetoric that “any simple meeting would be meaningless,” leading some people to suspect his switch to an appeasement policy. However, he .... <Read more>

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【#591(Special)】BRI with a Military Tinge
Yasushi Tomiyama The U.S. government is growing concerned that China’s Belt and Road Initiative for expanding its sphere of influence could facilitate its construction of new overseas military bases. It is also pointed out that China could deploy strategic nuclear submarines in the Arctic that is regarded as part of the BRI. We cannot

【#590】Japan with Imperial Fever Alone Could Be Ridiculed
Tadae Takubo While the meaning of Japan’s new imperial era name “Reiwa” still remains controversial, I would like to leave experts to argue about it. Here, I would like to make two other points. First, no serious arguments have been made about Japan’s national characteristics even amid the extraordinary imperial family fever