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May 22, 2015
【#301(Special)】 Prostitution Isn’t Synonymous with Human Trafficking
Yoichi Shimada As for so-called comfort women who served Japanese troops during World War II, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said in an interview with The Washington Post, published on March 26, “when my thought goes to these people, who have been .... <Read more>
Sep 26, 2014
Time to hit back at international aspersions over ‘comfort women’
JINF “The Japanese military forcibly rounded up 200,000 Korean women and girls and forced them to become sex slaves.” This fabricated story has become widely believed in the international community. .... <Read more>

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【#300】Environment Groups Remain Silent over China’s Reclamation
Fumio Ota The U.S. Department of Defense has recently announced that China has expanded its land reclamation in the South China Sea to about 8 square kilometers (equivalent to the size of 170 Tokyo Domes), a four-fold increase in four months since the end of last December. In the process,

【#299】U.S. Scholars’ Statement Represents Milestone for Correcting Misunderstanding on Comfort Women
Tsutomu Nishioka On May 5, 187 scholars of Japanese studies, most of whom are American, issued a new statement criticizing the Japanese government’s attitude over the comfort women issue. This statement led me to believe that the U.S. academic world