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Jul 22, 2016
【#388】International Framework Required for Surveillance on South China Sea
Seiji Kurosawa In the wake of a ruling by an international arbitral tribunal that denied China’s claim to sovereignty on the South China Sea, the Chair’s Statement at the 11th Asia-Europe Meeting in Ulan Bator said, “Leaders agreed on the critical importance … of disputes being resolved in accordance with principles of .... <Read more>
Speaking Out
Jul 15, 2016
【#387(Special)】I Saw South China Sea Tribunal Fair and Neutral
Seiji Kurosawa An arbitral ruling has come out on a Philippine-China dispute over the South China Sea. The ruling on July 12 denied China’s claim to historic rights in the sea within the so-called nine-dash line, endorsing the Philippines’ assertion almost completely. As expected, Chinese Foreign Ministry rejected the ruling .... <Read more>

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【#386】Attitude on Constitution Serves As Litmus Test for Statesmen
Tadae Takubo Through the July 10 House of Councilors election, the ruling Liberal Democratic Party and Komeito, plus their allies who favor constitutional amendment, won a two-thirds majority required for proposing a national referendum on a constitutional amendment. The result can be viewed as the ruling

【#385】Western Concerns Bringing International Order to New Phase
Tadae Takubo Any objective analyzers of international situation should not carelessly judge whether Britain’s leave from the European Union was advisable or not. Are 52% of British voters who supported the Brexit stupid? Without discussing the advisability, I view the international order shifts to a new phase in such manner