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Aug 24, 2016
【#394】Biden’s Remark and Japanese Constitution
Yoichi Shimada U.S. Vice President Joe Biden’s remark on the Japanese constitution on August 15 has become controversial in Japan. When criticizing Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, Biden said, “Does he not understand we wrote Japan’s constitution to say they couldn’t be a nuclear power?”In response to the remark .... <Read more>
Speaking Out
Aug 17, 2016
【#393】Japan’s Constitutional Reform to Propel Asian Stability
Brahma Chellaney Peace in Asia demands a proactive Japan. The issue Japan faces today is not whether it should remain pacifist but whether it can afford to stay passive in regional and international affairs. A Japan that is better able to defend itself and to partner with friendly Indo-Pacific countries to forestall a destabilizing power .... <Read more>

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【#392】Unsatisfactory Defense White Paper
Fumio Ota As the writer of Part I (World Military Situation) of Japan’s defense white paper for 1987, I would like to comment on this year’s version. The latest defense white paper fails to describe any specific prediction about China’s military expansion. Instead, it frequently says just that future developments will attract attention.

【#391(Special)】Questionable “Comfort Women” Records Presented for UNESCO Inscription
Shiro Takahashi Excerpts of a joint application for the inscription of documents on comfort women for the wartime Japanese Imperial Army on the UNESCO Memory of the World list were released on a website on August 3. The applicants are the International Solidarity Committee comprising 14 civic groups in eight countries and regions, and the British Imperial War Museum.