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2016.08.17 (Wed) Print

THE THIRD Kokkiken Japan Study Award

   The Japan Institute for National Fundamentals (JINF) held the third Kokkiken Japan Study Award presentation ceremony on July 5 at the Nippon Press Center in Tokyo.
   Dr.Yang Haiying (Ohno Akira) of Shizuoka University received the award which was inaugurated by the JINF to help deepen understanding of Japan in the international community. Dr.Yang received US $10,000 for his outstanding literary work entitled “Nippon Rikugun to Mongoru―Koan Gunkan Gakko no Shirarezaru Tatakai”―English translation: “The Untold Story of the Hinggan Military Academy of the Man-chukuo Imperial Army―The Dissonance between the Imperial Japanese Army and Mongolia” “Chibetto ni Mau Nihonto―Mon-goru Kihei no Gendaishi”―English translation: “A History of the Mongolian Cavalry of the PLA Armed with Japanese Swords to Quell the Tibetans”
   Japan Study Encouragement Award winner Ms.Chen Rou-jin, Columnist, former political reporter of United Daily News received US$5,000 for her work titled “Nippon Tochi-jidai no Taiwan” ―English translation: “Taiwan under Japanese Rule 1895-1945:An Insight with Photograhs and Episodes”
   Japan Study Encouragement Award winner Dr.Robert D. Eldridge, Former Deputy Assistant Chief of Staff (G-5), Marine Corps installations Pacific/Marine Forces Japan received US$5,000 for his work titled “The Origins of U.S. Policy in the East China Sea Islands Dispute Okinawa’s Reversion and the Senkaku Islands”

Outline of the award was contained in a brochure as follows.

At the presentation ceremony: (from left to right) Vice-President Tadae Takubo of the Japan Institute for National Fundamentals (JINF),Ms.Chen Rou-jin, Dr.Yang Haiying, Dr.Robert D.Eldridge, JINF President Yoshiko Sakurai.