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2017.10.19 (Thu) Print

International situation around Japan, India, US, and PRC

 Professor Brahma Chellaney

     Professor Brahma Chellaney of Indian private think-tank, Policy Research Center, met and talked to planning committee member, including the President of the Japan Institute for National Fundamentals, Ms. Yoshiko Sakurai, about “International situation around Japan, India, US, and PRC” on October 11, at the Kazan Kaikan of Kasumigaseki in Tokyo.
     Professor Chellaney, India's leading strategic research expert, who served as an advisor to the National Security Council of India and a member of the Foreign Minister's policy advisory group, was invited to the symposium organized by the Japan Institute for International Affairs.
     Reviewing the political situation in Japan, the professor said, the domestic politics after the general election will be expected to have a high possibility of conservative regime. So, he is optimistic about the influence on India-Japan relations promoted by the Modi regime in India. At the same time, he introduced a case where India has revised the Constitution 102 times after establishing the Constitution in 1950. His expectation now is at last Japan will be able to discuss the revision of the Constitution.
     He talked about other international situations regarding Japan, India, U.S. and PRC. Lastly, we made sure of developing the close relationship with professor Chellaney.

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