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2018.03.20 (Tue) Print

“Holding International Conference with VIF Institute of India”

JINF Planning Committee


     On 7th March, Wednesday, the Japan Institute for National Fundamentals (JINF) invited four researchers, Dr. Gupta, Director of the Vivekananda International Foundation (VIF), a think tank in India, and held an international conference between Japan and India. The plenary session is conducted continuously to obtain a certain research result by exchanging opinions between think-tanks of Japan and India. Since we went to VIF in India last year, this time it was to be carried out in Japan. In addition, the meeting was held for the first time in the conference room of the new office where the JINF moved to last month.
     On behalf of the organizer, the meeting was opened by Ms. Yoshiko Sakurai JINF President’s welcoming remark, and VIF Representative Dr. Gupta started with self-introduction of Indian participants. Three others were Gen. Sahwney, head of defense and security center at VIF, Amb. Wadhwa, and Dr. Sekhon, senior fellows at VIF.
Before the start of the first session, Mr. Nishioka, JINF Planning Committee member, about the situation of the Korean Peninsula, which is undergoing fast changes reported. He cautioned attention to moves in neighboring countries.
     In the first session, Mr. Tomiyama, JINF Planning Committee member referred to the Indo-Pacific strategy advocated by Prime Minister Abe and the importance of quadrilateral dialogue of Japan, India, the US and Australia. Questions from the Indian side stepped into diplomatic worded part, such as the real intention of PM. Abe's cooperation in the Indo-Pacific countries.
     In the second session of the afternoon, Ambassador Wadhwa, former Ambassador to Italy, said that Modi regime, responding to China's 'OBOR' policy, opposed to any sovereignty infringement, then came question and answer session afterwards from Japanese side. It was followed by concern expressed that the rapid Chinese military expansion will have a major impact on the stability of the Indian Ocean, and "one-belt one-road" is actually "six-belt three-road", and should not overlook the Oceania and the Arctic Ocean.
     The discussion continued even after the scheduled time, finally Dr. Gupta VIF director introduced the footsteps of Indian great philosopher Vivekananda, whom the institute was named after. Dr. Gupta said that the philosopher had given spiritual influence to the Western countries. When he was young, he visited all over the world and stayed in Japan. After returning home, he told young people in India that "Japanese are patriotic, they have a sacrificial spirit, so we should study more about Japan better than Britain".
     The next Japan-India dialogue will be held in India. The dialogue has ended with agreement on the view that it is important to continue in the future.
     Dr. Gupta was former Indian national Security Council member.

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