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2020.07.10 (Fri) Print

The Seventh Kokkiken Japan Study Award

The Japan Institute for National Fundamentals, JINF, established “Kokkiken Japan Study Award” in 2014, to encourage and honor outstanding works in the field of Japanese studies at home and abroad that contribute to the furthering of understanding of Japan in the areas of politics, national security, diplomacy, history, education and culture, among others.

JINF has decided the Seventh Kokkiken Japan Study Award recpients follows;


Japan Study Special Award
Rhee Kenji

Professor of Sociology at Kwansei Gakuin University


Rishi Chosen Saigo no Ou Rigin: Dai Ikkan, Daikan Teikoku 1897-1907, Dai Nikan, Dainihon Teikoku (Meijiki)1907-1912

(Sakuhinsha, 2019)

English translation: [The Last King of the Lee Dynasty Lee Eun: the first volume Ko-rean Empire 1897-1907,the second volume the Empire of Japan (Meiji period) 1907-1912]

(Sakuhinsha, 2019)


Japan Study Encouragement Award
Minggad Bulag

Writer, Translator, Interpreter


Kusahara ni Homurareta Kioku “Nihon Tokumu” —Nihonjin ni yoru “Uchi Mongoru Kosaku” to Mongorujin ni yoru “Tainichi Kyoryoku” no Hikari to Kage

English translation: [Japan’s “Tokumu” Special Duty Organs: The Past That was Buried in Steppe: The Bright and Dark Sides of ‘Espionage and Undercover Operations in Inner Mongolia’ by Japanese and ‘Cooperation with Japan’ by Mongolians]

(Kwansei Gakuin University Press, 2019)

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