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2017.03.29 (Wed) Print

“Japan Should Urge for South-West Defense under Trump Era”


James E. Auer, Professor Emeritus, Vanderbilt University


      A professor emeritus, James Auer, of Vanderbilt University, exchanged opinions with planning committee member and others including the JINF President Ms. Yoshiko Sakurai on March 10. The topic he picked up from popularity of the President Trump in the United States extended to the Japanese defense strategy.
      Prof. Auer pointed out that there is a majority of popularity about the President Trump in his home town, Tennessee, and it is said that a majority evaluates him never crazy. In addition, an electoral tactics to use SNS effectively including Twitter has the unprecedented novelty, and is one of the acceptable reasons for US citizen.
      For the Trump administration, a negative image has led so far, but on the other hand, there is some positive image. What I have a good evaluation for him is that both leaders of US and Japan have confirmed that Japan-U.S. alliance becomes stronger than ever. The unquestionable threat for two countries is China and North Korea, but the situation of the Korean Peninsula with much uncertain elements is more risky than China.
      Prof. Auer saw China has military supremacy in the offense and defense of the south-western most of islands chain called “Nansei Islands” on the First Islands Chain. In contrast, the professor insisted to accelerate the Japan’s movement of establishment about a joint defense plan regarding Nansei Islands, reported in this January.
      Finally he told that the Trump administration has faced difficult problems such as tax, insurance, or security, but he might get more popularity if he could deal with those well.

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