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Yoshiko Sakurai

【#1137】Supreme Court Justices and Politicians Should Read This Book

Yoshiko Sakurai / 2024.04.10 (Wed)

April 9, 2024

The Japanese edition of American journalist Abigail Shrier’s book titled “Irreversible Damage” has been published by Sankei Shimbun Publications Inc. The Japanese edition is titled “Girls Willing to Become Transgender.” While the book has become a worldwide bestseller, despicable blackmail has been made to prevent the Japanese edition from being published or sold. From Germany, emails that threaten arson have reached Sankei Shimbun Publications and major Japanese bookstores. While some bookstores hesitate to sell the book for fear of arson, it continues to be the top bestseller on Amazon.

Media silent on obstruction of publication

In fact, a similar incident occurred earlier. Although major Japanese publisher Kadokawa Corporation planned to publish the Japanese edition, some leftists strongly protested the publication and threatened to hold a rally in front of the publisher’s head office, leading Kadokawa to give up on the publication. Sankei Shimbun Publications has challenged to the publication as the freedom of press and speech that constitutes the foundation of a free society was about to be crushed.  

Strangely, liberal media led by the Asahi Shimbun and Mainichi Shimbun newspapers have remained silent on the series of threats from leftists. The Asahi and Mainichi may be unwilling to acknowledge the reality that left-wing ideas which infiltrate the U.S. and European intellectual world is eroding the mental health of people and destroying families, as depicted by Shrier. They probably don’t want the public to know the reality. The freedom of speech they advocate is highly selective.

Shrier’s research has originated from the fact that the number of girls who feel gender dysphoria and identify as transgender has skyrocketed in the past decade in the United States and Europe. Behind the trend have been social media platforms and schools that have easily accepted such identification. Medical personnel have followed in guiding girls into irreversible surgery.

Based on interviews with 200 people (including transgender) and 50 families, many experts’ views, and specialized books, Shrier’s book sees though the pathological transgender ideology that interprets transgender as a social or political issue rather than a medical issue. Dr. Kenneth J. Zucker, psychologist-in-chief at the Center for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto, Canada, has been an expert on transgender since before transgender therapy became popular. Zucker and other world-renowned psychiatrists, sexologists, and psychologists have denounced the gender dysphoria epidemic as abnormal and concluded that “affirmation care” that fully accepts the arguments of self-proclaimed transgender girls and encourages them to be treated for gender change represents a professional’s dereliction of duty and a political intention disguised as a remedy.

National decency denied

In Japan as well as other countries, there are the aforementioned Asahi Shimbun newspaper and many other “woke” forces that radically advocate the relief of the socially vulnerable. Among them is the Supreme Court that made a ruling on transgender in July last year. The top court took the lead in allowing a biologically male, transgender official at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to use women’s restrooms without restrictions. It is too arrogant for the Supreme Court to deny the national decency and fundamentally change Japan’s society by going far beyond the common sense of the people. In order to understand the true nature of the transgender issue, all the Supreme Court justices and lawmakers at the legislative body should read this book.

Yoshiko Sakurai is a journalist and President, Japan Institute for National Fundamentals.