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Special ContributionAugust 11, 2020   In 1853 Commodore Perry visited Japan with a complaint. Japan was not a great power which threatened the US Navy but as the ranges of sailing ships increased ow...


Singapore: USA President Trump: “Are you ready to denuclearize?” North Korea Leader Kim: “Yes, but it will take many years; let’s begin discussions soon.” President Trump: “Good-bye.”      Many ...


 March 18, 2013   To the graduates of National Defense Academy of Japan:      Japan’s defense capability will increase greatly as your fresh blood entered into national service on March 17. My mes...

2012.03.12 (Mon)

#132 Old Wine in New Bottles

March 12, 2012 When politicians are faced with difficult and unpopular decisions they sometimes choose to avoid taking a stand by purporting to stake out new positions which, in reality, are no cha...