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2021, August  Archives

August 23, 2021   Afghanistan has massive underground mineral resources. As the U.S. Biden administration has prematurely withdrawn U.S. forces from Afghanistan and allowed the Islamic fundamentalis...


August 23, 2021   The Islamic fundamentalist Taliban group has taken control of Afghanistan for the first time in two decades. The result represents a defeat for Japan as well that has poured as muc...


August 23, 2021   What it boils down to is that U.S. military, the most powerful in the world, was defeated in a 20-year war with the Afghan Taliban which is nothing more than one of Islamic fundame...


August 16, 2021   Tensions are rising in the Taiwan Strait as China expands its military activities. From January 1 to August 8 this year, a total of 367 Chinese People’s Liberation Army aircraft in...

2021.08.16 (Mon)

【#818】The Fog of Postwar

August 16, 2021   “The fog of war” is a term often used by military veterans to describe the surreal experience of combat. Men who have been in battle speak of a sense of dissociation from their sur...


August 2, 2021   Wuhan virus infections are increasing again in Japan. Some critics attribute the increase to the ongoing Tokyo Olympics. Given the absence of spectators and the prohibition on conta...