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Yang Haiying

【#580(Special)】Minority Suppression and Sinocentrism

Yang Haiying / 2019.03.22 (Fri)

March 19, 2019

     The U.S. Department of State released Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2018, in which it analyzed and condemned the Chinese government’s minority suppression policy, citing actual cases.
     The Chinese government has abducted and detained 800,000 to two million Uighurs and other minorities in internment camps, according to the report. Among the detainees are Kazakhs. Uighur and Kazakh languages are very close to each other, proving that Uighurs and Kazakhs are brother Turkish races.
     The Chinese government has thus suppressed Kazakhs as well as Uighurs, indicating Beijing’s intention to eliminate minorities who have lived in East Turkestan region since ancient times and create Xinjiang of the Han Chinese.

Japan should lead in condemning China’s suppression
     It is unreasonable that the international community in the 21st century has failed to take any effective actions against a tyrannous government’s ethnic cleansing in daylight. This unreasonable practice could finally be a factor of destabilizing Asia and the whole world. As a democratic country, Japan should take a lead in condemning Beijing’s minority suppression.
     Beijing has taken advantage of cutting-edge technologies stolen from Japan and other industrial countries for ethnic cleansing in the Xinjiang Uighur, Inner Mongolia and Tibet autonomous regions. In Xinjiang, organized efforts are made to collect the DNA of Uighurs. Surveillance cameras have been installed throughout the region. The Islamic faith has been totally denied, preventing Uighurs from attending Islamic worship. Chinese officials intrude into Uighur families and force them to eat pork. At school, the education in the Uighur language has declined gradually.
     Beijing has used sophistries to explain the suppression as designed to disarm “potential terrorists.” The Xi Jinping government has not understood that any protest by Uighurs is attributable to Chinese government actions.
     How about Tibet? Beijing has distributed mobile phones and rice cookers to support “poor Tibetans.” Bugs are planted on them to put Tibetans under surveillance around the clock. In Inner Mongolia, Chinese have deprived Mongolians of their ancestral grassland, plunging native Mongolians into extreme poverty.

Han chauvinism outdoing Nazism
     Sensible media in the world blame such tyrannous actions on the Chinese government or Communist Party. However, the problem is not so simple. More responsible for such actions is the Sinocentrism of the Han Chinese. The Sinocentrism that dreams the Han Chinese as the world’s most excellent race and China as the center of the world outdoes the anti-Jewish ideology of Nazi Germany. The Chinese centrism is the biggest factor behind Beijing’s minority suppression.

Yang Haiying, also known as Akira Ohno, is a professor at Shizuoka University. He is from Southern Mongol and naturalized in Japan.